Tokunbo Akeredolu-Ale (TA) DR.FCISMDM FCILRM FIMC FCIA FCIPM CH.DMP CPMP CMC CITP CLRMC MBA.DM MPM MIT MCPN PGD.DM DIPL.DM is a bachelor of Science (Bsc) degree holder from the University of Ibadan (UI), a Master in Information Technology (MIT) and Project Management (MPM) holder from Ladoke Akintola University of Technology (LAUTECH) and Project Management College (PMC, UK) respectively, a Mini-MBA In Digital Marketing Holder From The Newton Hills Business School USA (MBA.DM), a Diploma And Post Graduate Diploma In Social Media And Digital Marketing Holder From The Chartered Institute Of Social Media And Digital Marketing (DIPL.DM PGD.DM), a Chartered Digital Marketing professional (CH.DMP), a Chartered Loan & Business Risk Consultant (CLRMC), a Doctoral Fellow Of The Chartered Institute Of Social Media And Digital Marketing (DR.FCISMDM), a Fellow Of The Chartered Institute Of Loan & Risk Management Of Nigeria (FCILRM), a Fellow Of The Chartered Institute Of Administration (FCIA), a Chartered Member (C.ITP) of the Computer Professionals Registration Council of Nigeria (CPN) , Fellow of The Institute Of Management Consultants (FIMC), Fellow Of The Chartered Institute Of Project Management, Ghana (FCIPM), a Certified Management Consultant (CMC), a Chartered Project Management Professional (CPMP), an Associate Member Of The Chartered Institute Of Contract Project and Facility Management (ACICPFM) and currently CEO at Omnibus Global Foundation (OGF). 

Tokunbo Akeredolu-Ale (TA) is a Chartered Social Media & Digital Marketing And Management Consultant Involved In The Delivery Of Integrated Business Marketing And Management Solutions.

Tokunbo Akeredolu-Ale (TA)'s Enlightenment, Training's, Information Dissemination, And Consulting Services Cut Across Business Management, Administration And Integrated Marketing Communications As Relates To Small Businesses In Nigeria.

Tokunbo Akeredolu-Ale (TA) Is A Chartered Digital Marketing And Management Consultant That builds successful people and excellent small businesses by delivering superior value, personal and small business resources, information, advice and Tested practical business solutions.

Tokunbo Akeredolu-Ale (TA) is involved in:

  • Business Marketing
  • Business Management
  • Business Administration
  • Business Strategy And Partnerships
  • Business Finance Management
  • Business Operations Management
  • Business Human Resources Management
  • Business Corporate Governance
  • Business Communication
  • Business Planning
  • Business Technology
  • Business Risk Management
  • Business Power Solutions
  • Investment Portfolio Restructuring
  • Investment Portfolio Management
  • Business Finance Management
  • Retirement Planning
  • Livelihood Change Management 
  • Change Management
Tokunbo Akeredolu-Ale (TA) is a Chartered Digital Marketing And Management Consultant, that combines personal business experience, & capabilities across varying sectors, collaborating with clients to help them become more efficient people, businesses and institutions.

As a Chartered Digital Marketing And Management ConsultantTokunbo Akeredolu-Ale (TA) places premium on the art of self-development, mastery, and strongly believes that any person or organization can become his/her or its dream if relevant key skills are fostered.

Tokunbo Akeredolu-Ale (TA) Has Been A Trusted Chartered Digital Marketing And Management Consultant to business owners across Nigeria and Ghana Since 2000.

As a Chartered Digital Marketing And Management ConsultantTokunbo Akeredolu-Ale (TA) has Great Bias For Micro, Small & Medium Sized businesses.

Over the years, Tokunbo Akeredolu-Ale (TA) has been able to show business owners, managers and the self-employed persons how to use efficient Digital Marketing And Management Solutions To Increase Their Profits.

He has also shown a number of business owners how to grow their businesses, free up their time, transform their Internet strategy and radically shift their Entrepreneurial thinking.

He combines successful business strategies, sustainable performance management, and integrated marketing techniques with powerful developments in Advanced Thinking to show business owners how to sharpen their mind and strengthen their businesses.

Tokunbo Akeredolu-Ale (TA) Facilitates at the Omnibus Academy, and has been a Chartered Digital Marketing And Management Consultant for over a decade.

Tokunbo Akeredolu-Ale (TA)
- Building Successful Entrepreneurs & Profitable Businesses Through Structured Thinking Since 2003.

Ifako-Ijaiye, Lagos, Nigeria.