When I communicate to business owners without a website the need for their companies to have a professionally designed website, they end up asking me “What is the benefit of a website to my Business?”
“How would a website make their business more money?” Off course, these are great questions. Every business owner has one major Goal “To make more money and Profit”. So it’s natural for such person to inquire how would a website makes their business more profit. 

Here are 8 benefits of a professionally designed website to a business; 

1. Reach out cheaply to potential customers 
That should be the first goal of a business website. Your website is a very good platform to reach your potential customers online when they are searching for products or services you offer 

2. Your Business online brochure 
A company website is also a tool to give customers a detailed description about your company and the products you offer with images which are available 24/7 for 365 days a year. 

3. Gain Trust 
Trust is very important if your website intends to sale products or offer services. If your business has a professionally designed website, that will boost the trust of people to your Brand. That’s why I do advice business owners to stay away from using free website because it reduces your company trust and credibility online. Your website is your online brand and it has to be professionally developed in order to pass out the right brand message. You may not know the amount of sales you are losing due to a poor website design. Avoid this critical mistake and start closing more sales by gaining trust through your website. 

4. A source of feedback 
A professionally designed website would contain Feedback from where visitors can request for more information or product availability. A timely response to customers request can result in more business. 

5. Better search engine ranking 
A professionally designed website should be optimized for search engines in order to rank well on search results. For example, if you are a dentist based in Lagos, when people search for “dentist in Lagos” on Google, your website should be listed among the search result which will result in more business. 

6. Increase in profit 
Your website will be a source to make more sales and increase your profit and also keeping your existing customers up – to – date with any changes in products and services 

7. Networking Tool 
Your website can also act as a tool to network with other companies and build better business relationship locally and internationally. 

8. Free market Research 
You can make use of features on your website such as online surveys, visitor polls and website analytics to find out what your clients love more and their opinion on some aspects of your business in order to determine how you can improve your products and services. 

Those are the 8 major benefits of a professionally designed website to a business. Meanwhile, having a poor designed website will not add any value to your business but will actually hurt your reputation because consumers are move by what they see online. 

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